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Reyvhan P.
Im Weak !
Saturday, December 10, 2011 | 7:13 AM | 0 comments
NO !
im getting fatter
im becoming short
i have no muscles d :(
my abs are invisble ;(
grrr .

i wana quit working and start going to gym
but its hard :(
i have no free time , im busy like everyday d . ;(

i admit I DON'T LIKE !
| 6:53 AM | 0 comments
Gosh , its so long d that i never update my blog . today i wuz bored and feel abit free
because i took a day off for work . im really tired thats why . i got a new laptop .yay ! :D
and and i already change my internet moderm too . its maxis now . the speed ?
hmmm . its fast too same like unifi ;)

so as i say i wuz bored , so i login my blog just wanted to update something ,but before that i went to someone blog . i feel likee ..... grrr
all korean face around the page . so i scroll down and just read the older post . im speechless .
and seriously to be true i admit ' I DON'T LIKE' ur blog d . im not gona go into ur blog anymore .
ur just crazyy about them , damndamn crazy about them . hmmm .okayyy , im not gona stop you and im not telling u to erase all that , NO !
You love them .
You like them .
so its okay , alright .peace ^^

Dear !
Thursday, October 13, 2011 | 7:13 AM | 1 comments

i ADORE you , i LOVE you
you crazy , gorgeous , WONDERFUL
( but also sometimes quite WEIRD - but still loving you b )

What Am I Craping ?
| 6:25 AM | 0 comments

Damn ! it seems so long already i never update my blog :)
i just feel damn lazy and tired and and sometimes busy with some shits .
seriously i got no idea what to write about , but its okay im gona think .
hmmmmmmmmmm !

hah !
found it ! ahem , ahem
okay everybody listen up , my year end exam are coming soon , gosh !
i only study english :)
but the rest notyet , im in science class ;) , im telling you don't take science class , it
might make you like 'no ! i wana change class'
im not lying wan . then you will regret .
Why do we need Examination ?
Who the hell create Examinaton ?
What is wrong with you ?
you making life more harder then i thought :) haha . nolaaa , exam is good only in certain time .
why PM never do like this if people always lazy like me ,
noneed to take exam , just sit at home and everyday posmen come send money :D
wah !
sure bankrap la malaysia , klcc will pindah to china , kl tower will go to india
just imagine if like this happen :D , just got one building only in kuala lumpur .
hmmm , what some more ah wana say .
hah ! 2011 gona finish , just a few months somemore , then christmas , yay ! after that
New Year and 2012 were born .now im 16 , next year form5 .
hey ! im getting older , how about you all ? but got something that i dont like next year it is SPM
grrr . PMR also like suffering how if SPM ,
all the LA im gona say .
okay this thing all for next year , now talk about this this year first okay :)
deepavali is just around the corner :)
not 13 weeks more , not 13 hours more or even 13 second
it 13 days some more . I wana eat muruku and Maf say she know how to do , ;D
deepavali shopping ?
hmmm , noneed la , simple is cool + awesome

And lastly i wana Shout , I wana Scream , I wana Yell
and say :
MAF I Have Update My Blog !
Ma...AF I Have Update My Blog !
MA.Fern.... I Have Update My Blog !
*if some of you don't understand good ! , because its not for you :) its for someone ILOVE !

alright guys till here , my tiring and lazyness are starting :)
so , see ya !


Saturday, September 3, 2011 | 9:38 AM | 0 comments
Hey guys seriously i have no idea wad title im gona put in this post ,
and actually i have nothing to talk about
im just feeling bored and tired this week .
i wish that i can spend my time with my love one :)
and and i got found one pic , i wanted to show to my gf actually
not you stranger :D

p.s : b , take a look at this picture and make sure dun ever do this okay b ,
i mean can do but on certain time ONLY ! :D

hope b understand what i meant . hehe :)

Reyvhan P.

Thursday, August 18, 2011 | 8:15 AM | 0 comments

b !
I update my blog already b !
hehe . ;D
Reyvhan, P.

| 7:52 AM | 0 comments

Hey you people ,
i have one question ?
did any one of you in here know how to skate ? ;)
because i don't and i need some one to teach me properly

First off all it does'nt mean i want to be a SKATER
just wanted to try something stupid that can hurt ourself :) , and finally i found it .
just now evening i went to skate park with my friend ,
and guess what i fell down for so many times
gosh ! its so embarrassing .
but nevermind im just a beginner ;)
i'll be professional soon like RYAN SHECKLER .
you dumb people don't get jealous . haha

opps ! sorry !
*bulan puasa tak baik mencarut . :D

Reyvhan . P

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